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The Official Charades Generator: Get Charades Words Now

Ready to play a game of charades? If so, you’ve definitely landed on the right place online because we built an awesome Charades Generator. My family loves Charades, but we always would run out of words and couldn’t find a timer, so I built one for everyone to use ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ll love it, it comes with everything you need to play a great game immediately, including:

  • Hundreds of awesome words (plus, you can sort by difficulty so it works for all ages!)
  • A built-in timer
  • A score tracker!
Charades Generator official thumbnail with a fancy theater outline
The Charades Generator is here to help you find great words fast and keep score of your game

Charades Word Generator

Generate random charades words in seconds.

Charades Timer

Time remaining: 0s

Score Keeper

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Introducing the Ultimate Charades Generator

Who doesn’t love a good game of charades?

I can honestly say every game of charades I’ve ever played led to at least one, full-on belly laugh. It’s my all-time family fun gameโ€”and the Charades Generator has made it even better. That’s exactly why I decided to build it and share it with the rest you all on the internet.

In our house, we find Charades to be the perfect way to bring family and friends together, break the ice at parties, and make some memories.

And now, with our amazing Charades Word Generator, the fun can be kicked up a notch!

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually coming up with words and hello to an organized, laughter-filled game that gets everyone involved. Plus, the Charades Generator includes a timer and a score tracker, so you have everything you need to make your game even more enjoyable.

In this article, we’ll first cover what Charades is and some common questions about the rules, then we’ll talk about how you can make the most of the Charades Word Generator to have a memorable game!

3 people outside playing charades using the charades generator
The Charades Word Generator makes playing Charades super fun and easy

What is Charades Again?

If you don’t know, Charades is a timeless, classic party game that engages players in a lively and entertaining guessing challenge.

Participants act out words, phrases, or titles without speaking, while their teammates race against the clock to guess what’s being portrayed. Laughter, teamwork, and creativity are all essential ingredients in this universally beloved game.

Remind Me, How Do You Play Charades?

how to play charades thumbnail with an illustration of a family

Playing charades is a breeze! Use the following steps to get started:

  1. Divide players into teams.
  2. Choose a word, phrase, or title for a player to act out (you can use the Charades Generator above to choose words, or you can come up with your own).
  3. Set a time limit for guessing (typically 1-2 minutes). Again, you can use the generator above for this, or use an hour glass if you have one.
  4. The “actor” uses gestures, body language, and facial expressions to convey the chosen word or phrase without speaking. Teammates shout out their guesses until the time runs out or they successfully guess the word or phrase.

Of course, Charades is meant to be for funโ€”but if you’re anything like our competitive family, you probably want to keep score ๐Ÿ˜‚ โ€” you can use the score keeper feature above as well if so.

How to Play Charades for Kids with the Charades Generator

To play charades with kids, simply choose age-appropriate, easy-to-understand words or phrases.

You can do this easily with the Charades Word Generator because you can simply select “Easy” level of difficulty from the filter ๐Ÿ˜Š

Furthermore, to play Charades with kids it’s definitely recommended to use props, costumes, or themed word lists tailored to their interests. Remember to be patient and offer guidance or hints when necessary to keep the game enjoyable for everyone!

And by the way, if you don’t want to play charades, we have awesome other fun, family-friendly on this site, like the:

Example Words to Use When Playing Charades With Kids

Using the Charades Generator you’ll get hundreds of examples words right away, but here are a few more to choose from that you can use with your kids.

  • Easy: Rainbow, Butterfly, Pizza, Fly, Plane
  • Medium: Laptop, Water
  • Hard: Astronaut, Scientist
  • Very Hard: Encyclopedia
family on teams playing charades with kids together
Charades is my all-time favorite family fun game

How Many People Can Play Charades at One Time?

To sum up the rules above, Charades is a versatile game that can accommodate any number of players. From small, intimate gatherings to large parties, the more, the merrier! Just divide players into teams, and you’re ready to go.

How Do You Make Teams in Charades?

Making teams in charades can be as simple or creative as you’d like. You can randomly assign players to teams, have them choose sides, or use a fun method like drawing names from a hat. The key is to ensure a balanced mix of ages and abilities for the most enjoyable experience.

What Rules Are There in Charades?

The main rules of charades involve no speaking or mouthing words while acting, and no pointing at objects in the room. Other rules may vary depending on the group’s preferences; such as setting time limits, penalties for rule-breaking, or restrictions on specific gestures.

How Long Do Players Have to Guess in Charades?

The guessing time limit in charades typically ranges from one to two minutes per round. However, you can adjust the time limit to suit your group’s preferences or to make the game more challenging or relaxed.

Once again, you should use the built-in timer in the Charades Generator above if you need one!

group of people using the charades generator to play charades!

What Are Common Charades Gestures You Can Use?

Some charades gestures have become universally recognized to help guide your team to the right answer. But you have to know how to use them! So use the following common gestures to really help your team guess correctly:

  1. Tugging on an earlobe to indicate “sounds like.”
  2. Holding up fingers to show the number of syllables or words.
  3. Placing hands on top of each other to signal “compound word.”
  4. Making a “C” shape with your hand to indicate a word rhymes with another word.

Now that we’re all aligned on the rules, let’s talk about the Charades Generator!

Step-by-Step Instructions: How to Use the Charades Generator

  1. Choose the difficulty level, ranging from easy (perfect for kids) to hard (for a real challenge).
  2. Select the number of words you want to generate (by the way, this can be as few as one or as many as you need for a marathon session)
  3. Click the “Generate Words” button, and your custom list of charades words will appear within seconds.
With the Charades Generator, you can set the difficulty and choose how many words you want to be generated!

Bonus Features of the Charades Generator

In my family, we were always losing the timer from other board games, and sometimes it was hard to keep score. That’s why I also included a built-in timer and a score tracker! You can use it simply by clicking the button, and it should definitely make it easier to play as a group.

screenshot showing the charades word generator built-in timer and score keeper
Built-in Timer and Score Tracker!

Tips and Strategies for Playing Charades with Our Charades Generator

To make the most of your charades experience, try the following tips and strategies:

  1. Set a time limit for each round, such as one or two minutes, to keep the game moving and increase the challenge.
  2. Use props or costumes to encourage creativity and make the game even more entertaining.
  3. Designate an “actor” for each round to keep everyone involved and engaged.
  4. Use our Charades Generator to create themed lists of words for special occasions or gatherings, like holidays or movie nights.

Liven Up Any Gathering with Our Charades Generator

No matter the occasion, our Charades Generator is the perfect tool for bringing people together and creating unforgettable moments.

Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, throwing a birthday party, or just enjoying a cozy evening with friends, our generator will have everyone laughing and enjoying themselves in no time.

In my family, we needed a way to jump into a game of charades without the hassle of brainstorming our own names.

So, with our Charades Generator, we went from the idea of playing charades to actually playing in under a minute. We had a fantastic list of words, ranging from funny charade words to charade words for kids โ€” so the laughter never stopped.

So give it a try today, I really hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think in the comments!

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