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The Official Forecasting Calculator: Forecast Anything Now📈

You may have just landed on your new favorite tool. I created the forecasting calculator out of a personal need. I couldn’t find ANYTHING online—for years—that would help me accurately forecast based on your current numbers. So, I decided to build one myself. This tool does the math for you, and then puts your numbers in a chart you can read and trust.

The best part about this is it’s super easy to use, and you can use it to forecast pretty much anything.

In this article, we’ll walk through some examples of how to make the most of it. But right off the bat, know that this tool essentially takes your current growth rate and visualizes that in the future so you can have an accurate projection of anything. It works as a:

  • Sales Projection Calculator
  • Leads
  • Views
  • Orders
  • Inventory

So, let’s dive in and give it a try below:

forecasting calculator thumbnail with an illustration of a man pointing to a chart and two drawn hands clapping
Forecasting Calculator

Forecasting Calculator

Forecast pretty much anything based on your current numbers and growth. Note: the chart looks better on Desktop.

Time Forecasted Numbers

Introducing the Forecasting Calculator

Picture this: You’re pulling your hair out because you can’t decide if you should expand your business, launch that new marketing campaign, or maybe buy that stock you’ve had your eye on.

Forecasting these scenarios manually can feel like reading tea leaves—uncertain and hazy. That’s where the Forecasting Calculator comes to the rescue, acting as a consultant to understand where you’re headed—instantly.

I created the forecasting calculator out of a personal need. For years, I struggled to find a tool online that would allow me to forecast the future, based on your current numbers, like growth rate, page views per month, sales per month, etc.

And forecasting is important, that much is for sure. Forecasting helps you set both motivating and attainable goals—and gives you insight into how well your operation is performing compared to the competition.

Without insight into the accurate prediction of the future, it’s hard to know what to prioritize in the present. And that’s where the Forecasting Calculator comes in. It’s a tool I decided to code because I needed a dead simple way to project and see my numbers in the future based on today’s performance.

In this article, I’ll first start with a definition of forecasting, why it’s important, and what you can use forecasting for. But it doesn’t stop there, we’ll also talk about how to use the Forecasting Calculator step-by-step and walk you through specific examples of using the calculator.

So, are you ready? Let’s dive in!

two women business partners looking at a computer with the words forecast sales leads page views employee hiring

What is a Forecasting Calculator?

A Forecasting Calculator helps you forecast pretty much anything—sales, leads, spending—you name it. You put in your numbers, and it does the math for you and visualizes it into a nice chart, based on your current numbers and growth rate. It’s like that best friend who always gives you sage advice.

What the Forecasting Calculator Can Do For You

  1. Forecast a plethora of things: Like, sales, expenses, or your next date. Just kidding on the last one! But seriously, the versatility is mind-blowing—you can even add your own custom field. So, if you did want to forecast your next hot date, you could so long as you know your current numbers 🙂
  2. Instant Accuracy: As it’s based on your current stats, the forecast is accurate.
  3. Done For You Math: The math here is baked in, so you don’t have to whip out the calculator.
  4. Beautiful Charts: Think of them as the Mona Lisa of data visualization.
  5. Keep Going: You can keep forecasting to your heart’s content—and guess what? It’s all free.
person looking into huge binoculars
Forecasting helps you see far in front of you. Get an accurate picture of your business or project

By the way, we have other business tools on this site, for example if you want to run a good meeting, you can use the Ice Breaker Generator or the Audiobook Speed Calculator as well as the Random Date Generator.

How Does the Forecasting Calculator Work?

The Forecasting Calculator uses an algorithm that takes your current numbers and extrapolates them using the growth rate you provide.

You input your current number that you want to forecast (ie, sales), your current growth rate, and how long you want the forecast to run. And…boom! You get a shiny, easy-to-understand chart predicting what those numbers will look like down the road. Because it uses your current numbers, it’s uncannily accurate.

For example, if you want to forecast sales, you enter your current sales, say $10,000, and a growth rate of 5%. The calculator then runs its magic to give you a future outlook. Of course, you can decide how long you want the forecast to go.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Using the Forecasting Calculator

Using the Forecasting Calculator is extremely easy. However, if you’re stuck at all, just use the following to get your accurate forecast:

  1. Enter Current Metrics: This could be anything from sales to monthly expenses. This represents the current number. For example, if you’re using this as a Sales Projection Calculator, enter your current sales in the Current Metrics field.
  2. Select the Growth Rate: Input the rate at which you expect to grow or you are currently growing. Make sure it’s a percentage!
  3. Choose the Timeframe: How long into the future do you want to peek? Choose your duration.
  4. Hit Calculate: This is where the magic happens. A beautiful chart emerges showing your forecasted metrics.
You Can Try Different Intervals and Durations

So, you may have noticed that the Forecasting Calculator allows you to choose growth rate intervals: daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Of course, these options add another layer of customizability.

For example, if you choose ‘daily,’ the calculator adapts its algorithm to project daily growth, keeping your forecast true to its timeline.

Whatever interval that you choose, that’s how many points on the graph will show up.

How to Use This Tool as a Sales Projection Calculator

You can absolutely use the Forecasting Calculator as a Sales Projection Calculator (also known as Sales Forecasting).

How do you do it? First, plug in your current sales numbers, your current (or expected growth rate), select the metric of “Sales” — and then click Generate Forecast.

Then, you’ll see how you’re going to do in the future. It’s really that simple.

two laptops with a sales projection tool and a person holding a pen and a notebook in a business setting

Best Use Cases for the Forecasting Calculator

You can use the forecasting calculator in a ton of different ways. It’s designed to be multi-use, so no matter what you’re trying to forecast, you can use it.

  1. Budgeting and Expenditure: Wondering how much you can spend next quarter? The Forecasting Calculator has your back — just input your current expenses as well as your growth rate of expenses.
  2. Employee Hiring: Planning to expand? Find out if it’s financially feasible by estimating how many employees you’ll have in the future if you keep hiring at the current rate.
  3. Inventory Management: Not sure how much stock to order? Get an accurate prediction by inputting how much inventory you currently have and your growth rate of inventory use — to understand how much inventory you’ll need in the future.

Marketing Use-Cases

  1. Predicting ROI on Campaigns: Before you sink money into that ad campaign, run the numbers.
  2. Leads Prediction: How many leads will that new landing page generate? Don’t guess—calculate.
  3. SEO Strategy Forecasting: Will the new keywords bump up your page views? Find out before you implement them.
screenshot of the forecasting calculator projecting page views for a website
This is an example of projecting page views with a 40% weekly growth rate over 2 years!

Investment Use-Cases

  1. Stock Market Trends: Is it the right time to buy or sell? Take the guesswork out of investing.
  2. Real Estate Profitability: Wondering about the long-term ROI of that property? Crunch the numbers.

Personal Finance Use-Cases

  1. Saving for Retirement: Will you be sipping cocktails in Bali or struggling to make ends meet? Know ahead of time. The way you could do this is by inputting your existing net worth, and expected growth rate of your money (ie 7% is the historical average performance of the stock market).
  2. Planning Vacations: Can you afford that dream holiday next year? Get a clear picture.
  3. Paying Off Debt: How long until you’re debt-free? Make an action plan by inputting your current debt and input your debt payments by inputting a negative growth rate, and see how fast you get to zero.

Other Creative Uses

  1. Monitoring Health Metrics: Curious if you’ll hit your weight loss goals? Now you don’t have to wonder.
  2. Education and Learning Goals: How quickly can you master a new skill? Set realistic timelines.
  3. Personal Development Goals: Want to read 100 books this year? Find out if it’s doable.

Customizing Your Forecasts (Advanced Tips)

Custom Metrics: The ‘Why’ and ‘How’

The Forecasting Calculator allows you to define custom metrics. Following this, you can calculate, say, the growth of your Instagram followers or the number of cookies you can bake in a month!

Understanding Intervals and Durations for Better Accuracy

When you select growth rate intervals, you’re essentially telling the calculator how often to ‘check in’ on your numbers. For instance, if you choose ‘weekly,’ the calculator will provide a week-by-week forecast.

Reading Charts Like a Pro

The easy-to-read charts are more than just pretty; they’re also packed with information. The X-axis represents time, and the Y-axis represents your metric. Each point on the line should have specific data on each, so hover over them and use it to your advantage!

Case Studies and Testimonials

  • Sarah, a small business owner, managed to triple her inventory orders at the right time, thanks to our Forecasting Calculator.
  • Tim, an individual investor, avoided a bad stock choice and instead invested in a high-growth option, netting him a 20% ROI by understanding the current price and the estimated growth rate.
  • Emily, who was saving for a vacation, found out she could go to her dream destination six months earlier than she’d thought.


Is the Forecasting Calculator Free?

Yes, indeed! You can make unlimited forecasts for free. And yes, you can use it for both personal goals and professional goals.

How Accurate Is It?

As it uses your current numbers, the accuracy is top-notch. However, remember that forecasts are inherently estimates, not guarantees. For example, let’s say your current sales growth rate is 40% per month. But, how will you know how long that will continue? What will you have to do in order to maintain that growth? The Forecasting Calculator will give you an accurate look into what your numbers will be if you maintain that growth rate, but it will

Conclusion: Don’t Leave Your Future to Chance

Your life, both personal and professional, is filled with decisions that shape your future. Instead of relying on gut feelings or complicated spreadsheets, why not let the Forecasting Calculator pave your way to better, more confident decisions? It’s like having a financial advisor, career coach, and wise elder all rolled into one—and the best part? It’s all free.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of smart, data-driven decision-making with the Forecasting Calculator today!

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