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The Official Giant Name Generator: All Giant Types Now

Are you looking for a Giant Name Generator that can give you awesome giant names for any type of Giant? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Use the generator below you to immediately get giant names for Frost Giants, Storm Giants, Fire Giants, Stone Giants, Hill Giants, Cloud Giants, or a random Giant. And you can even filter names based on their gender. So go ahead, try it below:

Official Giant Name Generator ๐Ÿ—ฟ

Generate awesome giant namesโ€”for any giant typeโ€”in seconds.

Introducing the Giant Name Generator

Writing an awesome story or creating an exciting video game with giants can be a real adventure.

One of the biggest challenges can be finding the perfect names for your charactersโ€”especially if your character is a giant.

That’s where our Giant Name Generator can be a big help, so you come up with tons of cool giant names with just a few clicks.

image listing the different names you can get with the giant name generator, such as half giant names and frost giant names

Get Giant Names For Any Type of Giant

There are many different types of giants to choose from, each with its own special traits. Using the Giant Name Generator, you can filter by Giant Type to get names for any type of giant, such as:

  1. Hill Giants: These giants are strong and tough, with names that often make you think of their deep connection with nature and the earth.
  2. Frost Giants: Powerful beings from the coldest winters, their names often make you think of ice and snow.
  3. Fire Giants: As their name suggests, these giants are all about fire and destruction, and their names reflect that fiery spirit.
  4. Storm Giants: These giants control storms and their names often remind you of their control over the weather.
  5. Norse Giants (Jotunn): These giants come from old Norse legends and their names follow old traditions, telling stories of their lives.
  6. Half Giants: These characters have both human and giant traits, and their names reflect this mix.
  7. Stone, Cloud Giants: From the unmovable stone giants to the floating cloud giants, their names remind you of the elements they’re connected to.
giant walking next to a mountain in the sunlight

Example Giant Names from the Giant Name Generator

Designed for creative minds like yours, our tool helps you find names for any of these types of giants. You can choose the type, the gender, and how many names you want to see. Here are some examples of the amazing names it can create:

  1. Frost Giant Names: “Hrimnir Frostvein”, “Skadi Iceshard”
  2. Storm Giant Names: “Raudhr Stormeye”, “Njord Thunderhowl”
  3. Fire Giant Names: “Surt Flamelord”, “Hildr Emberfury”
  4. Stone Giant Names: “Grimnir Stoneform”, “Dolgrin Earthbeard”
  5. Hill Giant Names: “Grolnok Earthstomper”, “Bruudh Hillroar”
  6. Cloud Giant Names: “Vindar Cloudstrider”, “Skygni Mistsower”
  7. DnD Giant Names: “Grolantor Beastcaller”, “Annam All-Father”

This tool isn’t just about finding names; it’s about creating characters that add a real wow factor to your stories and games.

frost giant picture with an axe

Get Names by Gender with the Giant Name Generator

We all know that characters aren’t just about names.

It’s about who they are, how they act, and how they fit into your story. That’s why our Giant Name Generator also lets you choose the gender of your giant.

You can choose male names, like “Thrym Flameheart”, or female names, like “Thrud Icesong”. You can even choose to get a mix of both.

Choosing the gender of your giant helps you create a character that’s perfect for your story. It makes it easy to create a powerful Frost Giant queen or a kind-hearted Hill Giant dad.

The choice is yours, and it’s all just a click away.

From DnD to Norse Giants: Finding the Perfect Fit

Your story could take place in a world full of magic like Dungeons & Dragons, or maybe it’s based on the legends of the Norse gods.

Whatever the setting, our Giant Name Generator has got you covered. It’s got names for all sorts of giants – from the mighty storm giants who control the weather to the ancient Norse giants who are part of old stories.

Here are a few more examples:

  1. DnD Giant Names: “Kostchtchie Winterwraith”, “Hruggek Bugbear”
  2. Norse Giant Names: “Ymir Worldshaper”, “Bergelmir Stormbringer”

No matter where your giants come from, our generator is ready to help. With the right name, your giant won’t just be a character in your story; they’ll be a part of the world you’re creating.

screenshot showing how to use the giant name generator to get male or female storm giant names

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

But don’t just take our word for it! Give our Giant Name Generator a try and see for yourself.

The next great giant character for your story or game is waiting for you. Whether you need one name or ten, a fire giant or a storm giant, our generator is here to make your creation process a whole lot easier.

The names you choose for your characters can make a big difference.

They help set the scene, create a mood, and even tell a bit of your character’s story.

That’s why our Giant Name Generator is more than just a tool; it’s your ticket to a world of endless creativity. So, why wait? Start your journey today and see where your imagination takes you.


Creating an amazing story or a mind-blowing game is all about the details, and names are a big part of that. Our Giant Name Generator is here to help you add that special touch to your giants, making them more than just characters, but a part of the world you’re creating.

So, whether you’re looking for a powerful Frost Giant warlord, a wise Storm Giant seer, or a Hill Giant with a heart of gold, you’re in the right place. With our Giant Name Generator, you’re just a click away from your next great character. Start your adventure today!

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