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The Official Producer Name Generator: Awesome DJ Names Now

Need a dope producer name you’re confident in to help you build your fanbase and book more gigs? You’ve come to the right place—this Producer Name Generator has it all. I couldn’t find a good one online, so I decided to build one myself. This one lets you get sweet producer names for different types of genres like Hip-Hop, Rap, Electronic, Dubstep, Trance, Hollywood, and even Executive Producer names. All you need to do is choose the filter and watch some great inspiration roll in. So, give it a try completely free below!

Producer Name Generator thumbnail with a music producer smiling sitting in a music studio

Producer Name Generator 🎵

Generate epic Producer names.


From Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Timbaland to Big Gigantic, Skrillex, and Avicii. They all have something in common: a great name.

That’s why I spent countless hours making this Producer Name Generator — so you could get a name that you actually feel good about and are ready to own in front of you fanbase, as you build your following online and in the real world. Also be sure to check the social tags, so you can claim a great handle that goes along with your name.

Whether you’ve been itching to get started creating music, or you’re already in the game and looking for your first official name or new name, this tool will be really useful for you to get some inspiration. So, let’s dive into it so you get the most out of the tool.

music producer in the studio with a man at the keyboard and another man behind him
Get ready to get your brand

What Is the Producer Name Generator?

It’s a tool that contains thousands of awesome music producer names for every type of music genre that you can use to find the perfect name for your music career.

in the simplest terms is a Producer Name Generator is an algorithm-powered tool that churns out unique and catchy producer names at the click of a button. Imagine having a barrel of creativity you could dive into any time and come up holding a name that’s all set to rock the music charts! That’s pretty much our generator in a nutshell. It doesn’t just string together a bunch of words — it uses a rich database of music-related words, styles, and genres, all to give you that perfect name!

screenshot of the producer name generator with 7 example electronic music producer names
Using the producer name generator is super easy

Why Do You Need a Producer Name Generator?

Because you most likely work in music, you already know—this space is highly competitive. When everyone else is giving it their all to make it work (after all, who wants to work at a desk job anyway?) that basically means more and more people are competing for the attention of listeners.

And that’s where a great name comes in. It’s more than just a title — it’s your brand and your image.

The way you stand out in music, of course, is phenomenal music and a unique sound. But, it’s also your brand, image, content, and what you stand for. That’s why the Producer Name Generator can be so valuable. Finding the right name takes time and energy, and this has great names that you can use to get started and get inspired.

After all, this is the name your fans are going to whisper, scream, and remember. Think Skillex, DeadMau5, or Calvin Harris. These names aren’t just names, they’re brands, and a vibe.

15 music producer names from the producer name generator with a music studio in the background

How to Choose the Right Name using the Producer Name Generator

The first step is to choose the type of producer name you’re after. We cater to a wide range of styles:

  1. Random: Don’t have a specific genre, or want the maximum number of names to show up? This one’s for you. Let the generator surprise you with names from a variety of music genres.
  2. Hip Hop: Beats are crisp, lyrics are flowing, so you need a name that keeps up. So, choose this option if you’re going the Hip Hop route.
  3. Rap: Think Logic, Snoop, Eminem. If you’re a rapper, you know it. So select this option if you want to get names that echo the spirit of rap.
  4. Electronic: Want to be the life of every rave? Get an electrifying name that matches your tracks.
  5. EDM: Let your name be as unforgettable as the heart-pounding beats of your EDM tracks.
  6. Dubstep: Tricky to name, this one is especially helpful because if you’re a dubstep artist, you’ll need a name just as layered and deep as your sound.
  7. Trance: A name from this category promises a journey into a hypnotic world, just like your music.
  8. Executive Producer: If you’re the wizard behind the scenes weaving audio magic, you need an equally commanding name.
  9. Hollywood Producer: Are you working on scores or have a cinematic touch in your audio? A Hollywood-style name is perfect for you.
Music producer looking at computer with mixing tools and a piano
You want your name to hit, as much as your music hits

After selecting your genre, it’s time to decide how many names you want the generator to come up with in a single go. This could be anywhere between 1 and 10. Finally, hit the magic “Get Names” button and voila — your producer names are ready!

Getting the Most Out of Your Name

Choosing a name is one thing, but making it work for you is a whole different ball game. Once you’ve got your hands on that killer producer name, pair it with a matching brand persona.

Create a logo that matches the vibe of your name, style your social media presence around it, and build a website that screams your producer name from every page!

cool image of a at home music studio with a light effect coming from the speaker

Legal Considerations When Choosing a Name

Now, before you jump on that name and start printing business cards, remember to do a quick check for potential copyright issues. The best way to do this is go to USPTO and search the trademark and copyright database.

The last thing you want is a lawsuit slowing you down. There are several online tools where you can check the uniqueness of your chosen name, so be sure to do your due diligence!

Success Stories

If you need some real-world inspiration, we’ve got plenty. From bedroom producers to festival headliners, our Producer Name Generator has been a part of many success stories. These individuals took their unique names and, coupled with their talent, made a place for themselves in the world of music. And you can do it too!

By the way, we have tons of other great name generators and tools on this site, to support other creators – like memers who want funny names with the Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator, or useful like the Name Coloring Pages Generator. Our most popular tools are the Blank Slate Word Generator which you can use to play Blank Slate online, the Trans Name Generator, the Call Sign Generator from Top Gun, and the Navi Name Generator from Avatar.

music producer sitting in front of a purple lit studio

In Conclusion

The Producer Name Generator is meant to provide you with tons and tons of inspiration. Your name as a music artist matters—and that’s why I want you to keep clicking until you find the right one. Feel free, of course, to use any of the names that you find here either as-is, or by tweaking them and adding your own style. And of course, don’t forget to share your newfound name with your friends and followers! If you found a name here or if you have suggestions, drop a comment. Thanks and good luck out there, creators.

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