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The Weekday Name Generator: Get Names for Days of the Week

Are you a writer or a world-builder looking for creative names to call your weekdays to add more credibility to your setting? If so, I have built a tool called the Weekday Name Generator specifically for you. It provides high-quality, creative, memorable, and descriptive words that you could use as your weekday names in your world or story to add depth. I know it seems a bit niche—and it definitely is—but I saw that some world-builders wanted to have access to a tool like this, so I decided to make one. So give it a try below and let me know what you think!

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Week Day Name Generator 🚙

Generate unique, week day names for your story or world in seconds.

The Ultimate Weekday Name Generator: Get Creative, Fun, and Catchy Names for Days of the Week


A rich and believable setting for your story, video game, or even business is the result of a thousand little details that combine to create a feeling of reality.

Names are a key part of getting that right. And weekday names—or alternative names for days of the week—are no exception here.

So, there are really a few use cases for this tool I built:

  1. Authors and world-builders who are setting the stage for an alternate world or society and need a way to come up with cool, creative, names for days of the week that add depth to the setting.
  2. Business owners or marketers who are trying to come up with catchy names for the days of the week that could bring in more customers.
  3. Parents or schools looking for fun names for days of the week that they can say with their kids to help children remember what time in the week they’re at.

You can do all of this with the Weekday Name Generator, if you know how to use it. So let’s dive in.

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What is a Weekday Name Generator?

The weekday name generator is your sidekick to come up with interesting, catchy, and funny names for the days of the week.

Think of it as a magic hat from which you can pull out an array of days of the week names tailored to your needs, depending on what you want.

If you want funny days of the week names, then choose “Funny” as the filter. Likewise, if you want catchy names for days of the week, then just select “Catchy”— it’s that easy.

Interestingly, the days of the week that we use today have their roots in ancient history, named after celestial bodies and deities.

So, imagine the possibilities if we could create our own!

lady surrounded by bubbles in a magic setting
Open up your mind to new ways to call the names of the week 🙂

Why Use a Weekday Name Generator?

The applications of a weekday name generator are as wide as the names it can come up with 🙂

Authors can use it to add depth to their fictional universes, educators can leverage it to make learning days of the week more interactive, restaurants can use it to generate more sales and discounts for special days of the week, and parents can use it to add a dash of fun to their kids’ routine.

Moreover, brand marketers can use catchy names to make their weekly campaigns more memorable.

With humor being a universal ice-breaker, funny weekday names can infuse joy into mundane routines.

Who wouldn’t want to replace “Monday blues” with something more exciting like “Moonwhirl blues”?

Our Unique Weekday Name Generator

Let’s introduce you to our own weekday name generator.

Tailored to be user-friendly and versatile, it allows you to select the type of names you need – be it any, ending with -day, not ending with -day, funny, or catchy.

Additionally, it lets you select the number of names you wish to generate.

The functionality doesn’t end here. We understand the power of personalization and have thus included advanced options for adding prefixes or suffixes to your weekday names.

The result is a unique, custom-made name ready to serve your creative needs.

By the way, you can also add a prefix or suffix to these names which will be added to the generated name, under the advanced options button.

screenshot of our Weekday Name Generator and how to use it
The Weekday Name Generator has a few filters you can choose from based on your use case

16 Funny Names for Days of the Week

If you’re a parent or an educator, sometimes you need a way to make kids listen or care about what you’re talking about 🙂 Or, sometimes it’s just fun to call the names of the week funny names.

If that’s you, then you’ll love the “Funny” filter on this tool, because you can instantly you can come up with funny names for days of the week that can serve as conversation starters.

For example, “Giggleday” instead of “Monday,” or “Wackyday” for “Wednesday.” The chuckles these names induce can lighten the mood, and who knows, even make people look forward to Mondays!

Other names:

  1. Messy Monday
  2. Tarantula Tuesday
  3. Wobbly Wednesday
  4. Tarantula Thursday
  5. Frolic Friday
  6. Saturn Saturday
  7. Sandle Sunday
  8. Monster Truck Monday
  9. T Tuesday
  10. Wonderstruck Wednesday
  11. Thunderous Thursday
  12. Fidgety Friday
  13. Scintillating Saturday
  14. Snoozy Sunday
  15. Mirthful Monday
  16. Tempestuous Tuesday
Funny names for days of the week infographic with many names
Just use the filter “Funny” to get funny names for days of the week

25 Catchy Names for Days of the Week

In a world where our attention span is continually shrinking, catchy weekday names can be your secret sauce to leaving a memorable impression.

Our generator can help you design names like “MarvelMonday” or “ThrillThursday,” which are not just easy to remember but also have a distinct ring to them.

Be it for marketing campaigns, event planning, or a school project, these catchy weekday names can add an edge to your work.

Use the following list for other catchy names for days of the week:

  1. Marvelous Monday
  2. Trendy Tuesday
  3. Winning Wednesday
  4. Thriving Thursday
  5. Flamboyant Friday
  6. Soothing Saturday
  7. Sublime Sunday
  8. Magnificent Monday
  9. Tempting Tuesday
  10. Wistful Wednesday
  11. Thrifty Thursday
  12. Fabulous Friday
  13. Sparkling Saturday
  14. Serene Sunday
  15. Magical Monday
  16. Tranquil Tuesday
  17. Wonderstruck Wednesday
  18. Thrilling Thursday
  19. Festive Friday
  20. Sumptuous Saturday
  21. Scintillating Sunday
  22. Majestic Monday
  23. Timeless Tuesday
  24. Wholesome Wednesday
  25. Theatrical Thursday
catchy names for days of the week

Example of How to Use the Weekday Name Generator

Consider a hypothetical brand, “NutriLife,” that launched a weekly health campaign titled “MarvelMonday” for healthy recipe sharing, “TranquilTuesday” for meditation tips, and “FruitfulFriday” for celebrating personal health achievements.

There are infinite opportunities to use this to generate more business for your restaurant, theater, coffee house, or other business.

The catchy names not only boosted engagement rates but also helped the brand differentiate its campaign from a plethora of others.

list of catchy weekday names with colorful letters

In Conclusion

As we conclude our excursion, we hope you’re excited to use our weekday name generator and start creating your own funny, catchy weekday names.

Remember, every day is a new story waiting to unfold, and it all starts with a name.

So why not start your next story with our generator today?

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