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The Official Pokemon Region Name Generator: Best Name Now

Are you looking for an awesome Pokemon Region Name Generator with great Pokemon region names? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Pokemon regions are unique, and make the whole story of the Pokemon universe more realistic. My goal was to make the best-quality generator out there, by coming up with names that look and feel like real Pokemon region names.

Trust me, I’m a huge fan of Pokemon โ€” that’s why we also have these other great Pokemon generators on my site: Random Pokemon Generator as well as the Pokemon Town Name Generator.

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Pokemon Region Name Generator ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

Generate authentic Pokemon region names in seconds.

Introducing the Pokemon Region Name Generator

Almost 300 people around the world search for a Pokemon Region Name Generator every month on Google. Who would have thought?

As a huge fan of Pokemon growing up, this was a surprising realization, but also a pretty awesome one because I knew that I could help people with this!

So, I decided to create the toolโ€”and make it as best as I possibly could.

In this short article I’ll cover how to make the best use of the Pokemon Region Name Generator so you can get authentic Pokemon region names fast that are inspired by the original region names. Without further ado, let’s dive in to the tool.

pikachu sitting in a pokemon region

How Does the Pokemon Region Name Generator Work?

First and foremost, this generator works by capturing the essence of what makes the original Pokemon region names so great. As a huge fan myself, I studied the complete list of region names and then dissected them to come up with the common patterns, so that all of the new names that I came up with sounded genuinely authentic.

It’s super simple to use, just use the following steps:

Step 1: Choose your Name Type

We have 5 different types in the Pokemon Region Name Generator, or you can use the Random option to get Pokemon region names across all types. They are as follows:

  • Japanese-Inspired (Think: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh)
  • Western-Inspired (Think: Unova and Kalos)
  • Tropical-Inspired (Think: Alola)
  • Historical-Inspired (Think: Galar)
  • Futuristic-Inspired (Think: Hisui)

So, pick the one that interests you most or try them all!

Step 2: Select Advanced Options (optional)

If you already have an idea of what you want the name to start with or end with, then you can use our prefix or suffix option! Simply input the prefix or suffix, and it will be added to every generated region name.

Step 3: Select how many Pokemon region names you want

This one is easy enoughโ€”just select how many you want. Pro tip: You can also type it in if you want to generate more than 10 at one time).

Step 4: Click Generate!

Aha, you’ve made it to the best part, reading your awesome Pokemon region names as well as picking the ones that are right for your project. As always on CalculatorWise, these generated names are yours to use to any of your projects!

pokemon region name generator thumbnail showing a japanese-inspired pokemon region name called Kurokawa

15 Examples of Pokemon Region Names from the Generator

Here are 15 Pokemon Region Names from the tool, which should give you a sense of the names you’ll get from each “Name Type”.


  • Kurokawa
  • Sakura Grove
  • Zenith Valley


  • Starfall Plains
  • Redrock Canyon
  • Pioneer’s Pass


  • Coral Keys
  • Sunsplash Archipelago
  • Breeze Palm Bay


  • Oldstone
  • Kingshelm
  • Ebonfort


  • Cybervale
  • Echo Nexus
  • Neonight City

Last but not least, let’s cover a few ways that you can make the most out of the Pokemon Region Name Generator!

3 Creative Ways to Use the Pokemon Region Name Generator

1. World-Building for Fan Fiction: With authentic sounding region names, you’ll create a solid foundation for any story that you write. For example, imagine setting your narrative in the misty valleys of Fogshroud or the bustling streets of Solarpeak. These names not only add depth to your storytelling, but also give readers a vivid sense of place, making your fan fiction more engaging and believable.

2. Tabletop RPG Campaigns: Whether you’re creating a new adventure or expanding an existing one, having a list of region names at your disposal can be invaluable. Picture leading your players through the uncharted territories of Crestfall Islands or the ancient ruins of Eldertree.

3. Art and Design Projects: The Pokemon Region Name Generator is an excellent resource for sparking inspiration. Whether you’re designing a poster, creating a new character, or conceptualizing a scene, these names can set the tone for your artwork. Imagine illustrating the serene landscapes of Luna Bay or the high-tech metropolis of Neonight City.

In Conclusion

Thanks for taking some time to explore our latest tool: The Pokemon Region Name Generator. We’re huge fans of Pokemon, and wanted to make an easy way for fans and creators to generate authentic Pokemon names.

By the way, if you liked this, you should definitely check out our Random Pokemon Generator and Pokemon Town Name Generator!

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